Artisanal Cheese

Artisanal Cheese

We understand that it’s hard to find good cheese at a competitive price these days.  Everything seems to be mass produced and void of unique character.  You don’t even have to shred cheese anymore!  On the upside, cheese consumption by Americans has been growing in leaps and bounds.  In fact, it is estimated that 10% of all cheese consumed by Americans today is artisanal.  Well here at Arrowine, we understand cheese like we understand wine – it’s all about relationships.  We specialize in artisanal cheese to meet your culinary needs.

Artisanal cheese is made by hand in small quantities using traditional techniques.  The cheese is crafted by hardworking artisans and farmers who are either continuing a longstanding tradition or are a part of a modern revival of cheesemaking.  One type of artisanal cheese that we like to carry is known as farmstead cheese.  Farmstead means the cheese is made traditionally with milk from the producer’s own herds of cows, sheep and/or goats.   At Arrowine, we support both the traditional European cheesemakers and the New World artisans who create delicious cheese and uphold this wonderful and important craft.

Additionally, Arrowine is home to one of only a handful of American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals!  So needless to say, we know our stuff!

We love cheese and would like to share our enthusiasm with you! Let us help you find the perfect cheese or collection of cheeses for your next meal or special occasion.