Premium Craft Beer

Premium Craft Beer

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That’s right!  We carry Premium Craft Beer because in today’s world not all craft beer is created equal.  The beer staff at Arrowine takes special care to taste each and every beer that we have on our shelves.  This guarantees that we can find the right beer for your palate.

Arrowine’s selection of beer is wide, seasonal and eclectic.  We offer more than 350 different beers at a time, changing selections with the seasons.  We carry beer of the highest quality made with the best ingredients.  Our beer department features a huge selection of local beers like DC Brau, Port City & Lost Rhino, other American micro breweries such as Dogfish Head, Lagunitas, Stone Brewing, Bells Brewing & Founder’s Brewing Company, as well as imported beers from Europe, including Germany, Belgium & Britian.

At Arrowine, we sell only the freshest beer.  The stock moves fast so you know you are always buying fresh beer.  Special care is taken to ensure all beer is kept at optimal temperatures and away from strong light, which can damage quality.  We stand behind every beer we sell and know that you will be completely satisfied.