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Arrowine and Cheese is the closest thing to an adult candy store in the area that I know of. With a great beer selection (their Arlington location is my personal favorite in NoVa) and just about anything food-related one can think to splurge on, you know a place is doing something right when you’re forcing yourself to set a limit before you walk in the door (“I will not buy more than a pound of robiola.”). Their cheese selection is packed with different types of bleu, goat, aged cheddar, and all the stinkiness your significant other will allow. The meat selection includes pata negra and many other cured delicacies are available for even more caloric indulgence. Cognac-drenched mustards, fancypants sardines, and jams and spreads that you want to put on everything—including other jams and spreads—can be found in this culinary heaven. Being an adult is sometimes about listening to that voice in your head nudging reservation and restraint. Arrowine helps to make sure you never hear that voice.

— John Fleury

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Category: Beer Cheese, Charcuterie & Foods Wine

Posted On: 6 Nov 14