Award-winning “Better than Chateauneuf” 2015 Petit Clos Maia as low as $16.99 per bottle

Superstar winemaker Geraldine Laval has done it again! Her 2015 Clos Maïa “Le Petit Clos” is far better than many Chateauneuf du Papes. She’s made one of the prettiest and classiest grenache-based wines. From anywhere! She grows her fruit in a first-class vineyard in the Terrasses du Larzac, a top spot in Southern France’s Languedoc region. The 2015 vintage is stunning. The region had it’s best (and highest rated) vintage so far this century in 2015. The price is simply incredible for a wine of this quality.


2015 Clos Maïa “Le Petit Clos”, IGP Pays d’ Hérault, Languedoc, France
Reg. $24.99
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Geraldine Laval is young. She made her first vintage from her newly-acquired, old-vine, “Clos Maia” estate in 2009 and she is still in her thirties.

Still, she already earned a top level reputation. Her very first wine from her very first vintage amazed people, including many critics. Among the plaudits, it was selected as wine #13 on La Revue du Vin de France’s (LRVF’s) list of top Grenache wines from around the world! Her tiny winery sold out of that super-reasonably priced wine almost instantly.

Her wines continue to thrill, vintage after vintage. The next vintage, the 2010, was selected for LRVF’s “Guide to the Best Wines of France 2013”! Then, on her 2013 vintage, they wrote:

“2013 is definitely a turning point. More seductive at every tasting, it reaches a refinement and a sensuality rare in Languedoc.”

About the 2015 vintage:

The superb 2015 vintage may well be another turning point. It is the finest “Petit Clos” we’ve tasted! It’s also the region’s highest rated vintage this century! Wine Enthusiast rated the Languedoc’s 2015 vintage at 93 points (“excellent”). That’s a higher rating than any vintage since 1998.

About Geraldine Laval:

The accolades for Geraldine Laval don’t surprise those that know her. She trained with revered winemakers throughout France, like Olivier Leflaive in burgundy, Jean-Louis Chave in the Rhône,  Château Cantenac-Brown in Margaux, and Olivier Jullien and Julien Zernott (Pas de l’Escalette) in Languedoc. She learned all about precision winemaking. And she impressed everyone along the way. She’s always showed prodigious talent. Those she’s worked with have raved that she seems to always make the right choices, and at the right times.

Geraldine Laval and Clos Maïa will continue to be names that you should know if you love masterfully hand-crafted wines from southern France.

About this wine:

This is the exclusive and impressive 2015 “Le Petit” Clos Maïa. It is world-class, elegant grenache from award-winning winemaker Géraldine Laval and her acclaimed project with Olivier Jeantet called Clos Maïa. Grown in a great vineyard in a sought-after spot in Southern France, it is stunning. And the price is crazy low for a beautifully aromatic wine that’s dripping with elegance and class.

You should experience this wine. Arrowine was the first source of this wine in the USA. We get the best allocation and offer the best price! Since we first offered the 2010 vintage, our customers have been crazy for this wine. With every vintage, new customers have converted and become loyal fans. It has steadily become one of our most talked about and most asked about wines from the Languedoc. Call soon to order your share. We now have the exceptional 2015 vintage. But supplies are strictly limited.


Geraldine Laval made the 2015 “Petit Clos” from organically-farmed grenache. She, and partner Olivier Jeantet, grew it on the slopes of the Terrasses du Larzac. The vineyard is high above the city of Montpellier at about 1,300 feet of elevation. They harvested by hand, used only native yeast, and bottled the wine at the estate.

Grenache rarely gets this pure and elegant in the Languedoc region. It takes a master like Geraldine Laval to grow it right, harvest it right, and to somehow capture the pure vineyard expression in the bottle. It’s a relatively new winery (less than a decade old) and they make only a few hundred cases. But this is a wine that any fan of grenache (even far more expensive grenache-based wines, like Chateauneuf du Pape) should experience. Very little of this wine makes it out of France and Arrowine is proud to be the first and best source to offer it in the USA.

The character is pure, and the texture is so elegant and pretty. The mouthfeel is really closer to Burgundy than Chateauneuf! But the flavors are all grenache– in the best possible way. You’ll smell flowers and ripe red and black fruit. You’ll taste red fruit, black fruit, and plenty of subtle spice. It is deep and substantial enough to work well with robust wintertime meals (stews and roasted meats). This is a wonderful wine for lighter summer meals, too, since it isn’t oaky, sweet or heavy. It’s more about elegance and complexity than about weight. It’s a classic food wine. You can answer the question “What does it go with?” with “What do you have?”!  You can even drink this flavorful and elegantly textured red wine with no food at all. This is a wine you should not miss.

About Terrasses de Larzac:

When seeking her own property, Geraldine Laval chose the Terrasses de Larzac because of its unique combination of altitude, presence of water, and well-drained limestone soils. Today she has four hectares planted at 400 meters of altitude. She and her crew work naturally without the use of any chemicals. The depth of the soils allows the roots to plunge easily and the limestone gives extra minerality. The association of freshness (due to the altitude) and sufficient water in the relatively hot Languedoc climate is a perfect combination to produce wines that are elegant and precise. Laval aged this Petit Clos in concrete tronconique tanks. She made only a few hundred cases. Arrowine is proud to be the premier US retailer of this wine.

Here’s the review of the 2010 from Le Revue du Vin de France’s (RVF’s) influential “Guide to the Best Wines of France 2013”:La Revue du Vin de France

“Le Petit Clos 2010 is a pure Grenache subtly perfumed with notes of very fresh wild raspberry and strawberry, its great fine tannins give it a great characterand magnifies its delicate fruit. Geraldine Laval and Olivier Jeantet acquired a few plots in 2009 of high vineyards (350-400 m) in the Terrasses du Larzac. After solid training and internships with many great French winemakers, and with a focus on natural balance of the grapes to produce flavorful and pure wines, the estate shows a remarkable mastery after only three years of work. We fell in love with this singular product, a coherent emblem of the new wave of the Languedoc.” (The Guide to the Best Wines of France 2013 – RVF)

And here’s our tasting note for the 2015 Le Petit Clos Maïa:

The medium ruby-purple colored 2014 Le Petit Clos Maïa is a classic and elegant (even “Burgundian”) expression of grenache with texture and balance. Aromas of raspberries, cherries, lavender and violets start out pretty and then intensify as the wine airs.  The palate, too, opens and expands with time airing in a decanter or in the glass. This is perfectly balanced. It has ripe, rich, mouth-filling fruit balanced by restraint, elegance and finesse. This is substantial and ripe, yet it never turns jammy or syrupy. It adds some notes of garrigue spice (lavender, sage, rosemary and wild thyme) to the pure red and black fruit. And it presents the complete package in a classy, silky, long finishing style. The focused finish is lithe with fresh ripe fruit, savory spices and delicate tannin. It’s terrific today. It should also improve for a year and provide memorable experiences through 2023.


Again, to order, just call either Arrowine location. We’re at 703-525-0990 (Arlington, VA) or 202-785-0785 (Washington, DC). Please call the location where you would like to pick up your order. The wine arrives tomorrow, Friday September 29, 2017. The E-mail Sale price is good for one week or while supplies last.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the exceptional 2015  Clos Maïa “Petit Clos” from brilliant young winemaker Geraldine Laval and her excellent Clos Maia estate.

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