Exclusive Single-vineyard 2015 White Burg stunners from Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks (Puligny-Montrachet)!

Happy Bastille Day! These are two special white Burgundies from Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks. They’re expressive, unique and capable of aging. The 100% chardonnay fruit for both wines is entirely from tiny estate-owned plots near the family cellar in Puligny-Montrachet. And both wines are from the spectacular 2015 vintage!

  • One wine comes from a tiny 0.36 hectare vineyard plot  called “La Combe”. It’s located adjacent to the village of Puligny-Montrachet, just outside the Puligny-Montrachet AOC. 200 cases were made. It’s labeled “Bourgogne Blanc” but it’s really more like village level Puligny-Montrachet. Order it today for as little as $24.99 per bottle. Yes, despite the great 2015 vintage, the price is the same as the lowest sale price for the 2011 vintage.
  • The other wine is brand new. This is the first vintage this estate has made this spectacular wine from a minuscule 0.077 hectare plot (certified organic) in Puligny-Montrachet called “Corvée des Vignes”. This vineyards is along the Puligny border with Meursault (it is corner to corner, just to the south-east of “Meursault 1er Cru Charmes”). The vines were planted in 1954 and are now over 60 years old.  35 cases (just 420 bottles!) were produced. It is clearly of 1er Cru quality, and then some. Regularly $119.99 per bottle, our special sale means you can order it for just $89.99 as part of a case of these wines.
  • Mix or match an order of the two wines for best pricing on both. Supplies are tiny and strictly limited, though, so please order soon.  We expect sell-outs!

Wine #1: 2015 Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks Bourgogne Blanc “La Combe”  (Burgundy, France)
Reg. $34.99
E-mail Sale! 1-5 bottles: $29.99 per bottle
6-11 bottles: $26.99 per bottle
Case (12+ bottles): $24.99 per bottle


Wine #2: 2015 Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks Puligny-Montrachet “Corvée des Vignes” Vieilles Vignes (Burgundy, France)
Reg. $119.99
E-mail Sale! 1-5 bottles: $94.99 per bottle
6-11 bottles: $91.99 per bottle
Case (12+ bottles): $89.99 per bottle


About Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks:

Anne Bavard and her husband John Brooks established Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks after Anne inherited a tiny plot (0.36 hectares or just under 0.9 acre) in the “La Combe” vineyard from her famous winemaking father. “La Combe” is located adjacent to the village of Puligny-Montrachet, where their small cellar is located. Their plot in La Combe is less than 350 meters from the Puligny-Montrachet AOC and about 1000 meters due east of “Le Montrachet Grand Cru” (considered the finest and most expensive white wine vineyard on the planet).

They tend their tiny vineyard by hand, like a garden. They follow the principals of biodynamics and are now 100% certified organic.

For the 2015 vintage they added a second wine, from a remarkable vineyard in Puligny-Montrachet. Their vines are very old (over 60 years) and their plot is even more minuscule (.077  hectares or 0.19 acres). Taking care of these tiny plots, and making a few thousand bottles of spectacular white Burgundy from their prized fruit, is their full time job. Everything is done by hand. There are no shortcuts and no compromises. These are rare, incredibly expressive, and truly special. Please keep reading for more about the individual wines and more about the 2015 vintage.

About the 2015 Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks Bourgogne Blanc “La Combe”:

This wine will wow you! Don’t let the “Bourgogne Blanc” on the label fool you. This is truly much more like a village level Puligny-Montrachet. It’s from low yields, which assures concentration. It’s from 32 year old vines (planted in 1983) which provides mineral complexity. It can easily age for half a decade or longer. This was grown right next to Puligny-Montrachet in classic Puligny-Montrachet soils: Sedimentary and clayey white soils deposited on a bed of Chassagne limestone.

In the spectacular 2015 vintage, they made only 200 cases of this concentrated and expressive white Burgundy. They hand-harvested the fruit at optimal ripeness on September 9th, 2015. After sorting by hand, they gently pressed the fruit. They vinified the fruit and aged the wine in French oak (12% new) for eight months, before finishing it in stainless steel. They bottled the finished wine on June 21st, 2016 (a fruit day in biodynamics) at 13.5% ABV.

This is a stunning wine that is far more complex, vivid and mineral than just about any Chardonnay (from anywhere) that is available for this low price. Arrowine is thrilled to be the exclusive supplier of this wine in our region. We expect it to sell quickly and quantities are tiny. Call and reserve your case before it sells out.

This single-vineyard, single-parcel, hand-crafted wine is an absolute dead-ringer for a top village-level Puligny Montrachet. Only it’s labeled “Bourgogne Blanc” so it’s about half of the $60-$90 that top village-level Puligny-Montrachet wines command. This gorgeous 100% chardonnay white Burgundy is just $34.99 per bottle; and our E-mail Sale means you can order it for as little as $24.99 per bottle!

Here’s the tasting note from the winery:

“Pleasing fresh minerality and notes of vanilla against ripe apricot. Round with delicate nuances of oak; good overall balance. This wine is tasting very well even young. Can be cellared up to five years or more in good conditions.”

Descriptors in my tasting notes include:  “lemons, spiced pears, pit-fruit, citrus peel, minerals, subtle vanilla, good grip and length.” It’s also worth mentioning that this wine is wonderfully age-worthy. I mentioned to a knowledgeable Burgundy customer that this 2015 was arriving. He ordered a case immediately. Then he told me he recently had his last bottle of the 2010 vintage of this wine (the first vintage Arrowine sold). He said that his last bottle of the 2010, that he drank in 2017, was the best bottle of the case. In other words, with good storage, the 2010 was still improving in 2017. This wine can age.

About the 2015 Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks Puligny-Montrachet “Corvée des Vignes” Vieilles Vignes:

This is the very first vintage of this amazing Puligny-Montrachet from a special plot of old vines planted in 1954 (now over 60 years old). Called “Corvée des Vignes”, this vineyard is in northern Puligny-Montrachet at the border of Meursault. This vineyard is corner to corner with the famed Meursault Premier Cru “Charmes” and this wine from these old vines is clearly of (at least) Premier Cru quality. These old vines create incredibly complex and concentrated fruit, especially in great vintages like 2015 (see more about the 2015 vintage below).

Anne Bavard-Brooks cares for this tiny plot of 0.077 hectares (about 0.19 acre) like a garden. All the work is done by hand according to biodynamic principals. No chemical treatments are used (certified organic). They harvested this tiny plot by hand on September 10th, 2015 at perfect ripeness. After sorting by hand, they gently pressed the fruit. It was fermented and aged in French oak (33% new) for eight months, before finishing in stainless steel. It was bottled on June 21st, 2016 (a fruit day in biodynamics) at 13.5% ABV. Only 420 bottles were produced. Each case is about 3% of total production!

This is concentrated, complex, and extremely age-worthy. If you enjoy the very best Premier Cru and Grand Cru white Burgundies, you should experience this stunning wine. It will develop and drink beautifully until it is a decade old or longer.

Here’s the tasting note from the winery:

“Mineral nose with nuances of vanilla and lightly-toasted oak; crisp on the palate against notes of butter. Pleasing fullness for its young age. Can be cellared up to 10 years in good conditions.”

After a recent trip to Burgundy, Arrowine’s Doug Rosen listed this 2015 Puligny-Montrachet as his #1 most surprising and memorable white wine of the trip. He said: “This punches FAR above its weigh-class. It is precise and unforgettable and it’s built to last. The quality is clearly of at least Premier Cru level.” Again, order soon. Availability is tiny.

About the vintage:

These two white Burgundies are from the excellent 2015 vintage. They will go fast. Critics are raving about this vintage. Scores are high. Wine Enthusiast awarded a 94 point rating for the 2015 vintage for whites from the Côte de Beaune (the area that includes the world-famous Puligny-Montrachet AOC).

Producers are reporting quality as high as any vintage in memory. The warm, dry vintage produced wines in a full-bodied, expressive and balanced style. Stephen Tanzer (Vinous) wrote: “The very warm, dry growing season of 2015 yielded Burgundy’s fleshiest, most opulent white wines since at least 2009.”

The only issue with the 2015 vintage is quantity. A late frost severely limited potential yields. With low production and superb quality, many producers have raised prices significantly for their 2015s. Domaine Anne Bavard-Brooks is a refreshing exception. The case sale price on the 2015 “La Combe” is identical to our lowest price on the 2011 vintage!


Again, to order just call Arrowine.  We’re at 703-525-0990 (Arlington, VA) or 202-785-0785 (Washington, DC).  Please call the location where you would like to pick up your order.  These great white wines arrive tomorrow, Friday, July 14th (Bastille Day!).

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