$9.99 for the great 2016 Delaunay “TYDY” Sauvignon Blanc (it’s a top seller at $12.99)

You’ll love the brand new 2016 vintage of one of our top-selling, best-value, and most popular white wines of all time! The excellent 2016 Domaine Delaunay “TYDY” Sauvignon Blanc, from France’s Loire Valley, has all the pure, fresh, long, vivid, and refreshing flavor that distinguish sauvignon blanc wines from the Loire Valley and make them the most highly-regarded sauvignon blancs in the world.

Here’s the great thing… It has these great flavors for a better price than other Loire Valley sauvignons of this quality! Order a case from either Arrowine location for just $9.99 per bottle. You’ll be getting one of the top white wine values of the entire year.

2016 Domaine Delaunay “TYDY” Sauvignon Blanc (IGP Val de Loire, Loire Valley, France)
Our Regular Price: $12.99
E-mail Sale Price (6-11 bottles): $10.99 per bottle
E-mail Case Sale Price (12+ bottles): $9.99 per bottle

  • To order just call either Arrowine location.  We’re at 703-525-0990 (Arlington, VA) or 202-785-0785 (Washington, DC).
  • Please call the location where you would like to pick up your order.
  • This sauvignon blanc arrives tomorrow, Friday September 1st, 2017.
  • The sale price is good for one week.

If you like white wine and you like a great deal, this is a “must have”.  Thierry Delaunay’s superb, critically-acclaimed sauvignon blancs have been huge hits with sauvignon fans and bargain hunters since Arrowine introduced them over a decade ago. Even more people sought them out after famed British wine critic Steven Spurrier (who’s role organizing the famous Judgment in Paris tasting was portrayed in the movie “Bottle Shock”) selected a Delaunay sauvignon blanc as his #1 pick in the world for Decanter Magazine’s compilation of top white wine bargains.

Delaunay’s “TYDY” Sauvignon is a truly great bargain every year. It offers among the best quality for the price of any white wine. From any grape variety. From anywhere in the world. Order your case today and you’ll see what I mean. It’s perfect for seafood, for parties, for late summer beach trips. Or just keep it in the fridge and serve it as your “house white”. Guests will be thrilled to drink it and you’ll be thrilled to serve it.

Many excellent Loire sauvignon blancs have gone up in price significantly in recent vintages. Our best sale price of just $9.99 per bottle on this wine has not changed at all in nine years! We’ve kept it this low since the 2008 vintage. RARELY are sauvignon blancs this good and this well balanced. NEVER are they this good and this inexpensive!

We first tasted this wine over ten years ago. Even then, we fell in love with the wine AND the price. We’d seldom been so sure a wine would be a hit. The combination of big flavor, lavish mouthfeel, and great price made it a no-brainer. But we didn’t know just how big a hit it would be. And we couldn’t have known that the wine would get even better in later vintages!

It has sold quickly every year, and now we get the excellent 2016 vintage. It’s the best yet! We liked it so much we’ve bought more than ever before. You need to try this! You just don’t expect this much flavor, length, balance, freshness, purity and expressiveness at a price this low. Pay for a “bargain” white and get a great white!

Here’s what the 2016 Delaunay “TYDY” Sauvignon Blanc tastes like:

Very pale lemon pulp color. The perfume is white flowers with notes of tangerines, lemon curd, lime and chalky minerals. The palate has great richness, concentration, balance, and length. There are flavors of lime and tangerine enhanced and made more interesting by a touch of chalky minerality and a wisp of white pepper. The finish is long. The textural elegance is high-end. You hope for this perfect balance of mouth-watering freshness and rich palate-clinging ripe fruit in Loire sauvignon blancs at double the price. You never expect this balance and elegance under $20, let alone at $9.99! At this price range, there is simply more depth and richness on the palate than you’d ever expect. This would be a great buy at $20. It’s an absolute beauty for $12.99. It is a rare deal (it’s kind of like stealing) to get this at just $9.99 per bottle.

At this price, I don’t know of any other sauvignon blanc, from anywhere in the world, that compares. Call now and order it by the case. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a delicious and affordable “house white” or if you want something for summer sipping, for beach trips, for parties, or for seafood dishes throughout the year. Drink in over the next 2-3 years.


Again, to order just call either Arrowine location.  We’re at 703-525-0990 (Arlington, VA) or 202-785-0785 (Washington, DC). Please call the location where you would like to pick up your order. This sauvignon blanc arrives tomorrow, Friday September 1st, 2017. Our e-mail sale prices are good for one week.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this excellent 2016 Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc and phenomenal bargain.

Jim Cutts


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Posted On: 31 Aug 17